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8.16 A Brief Guide to Q-Chem’s Built-In ECPs

8.16.6 The fit-CRENBL ECP at a Glance

(February 4, 2022)
(a) No ECP; Pople 6-311G basis used
(b) Pacios & Christiansen (Ref. 851)
(c) Hurley, Pacios, Christiansen, Ross, & Ermler (Ref. 497)
(d) LaJohn, Christiansen, Ross, Atashroo, & Ermler (Ref. 617)
(e) Ross, Powers, Atashroo, Ermler, LaJohn, & Christiansen (Ref. 979)
(f) Ermler, Ross, & Christiansen (Ref. 309)
(g) Ross, Gayen, & Ermler (Ref. 978)
(h) Nash, Bursten, & Ermler (Ref. 812)
Element Core Max Projector Valence
H–He none none (3s)
Li–Ne [He] S (4s,4p)
Na–Mg [He] S (6s,4p)
Al–Ar [Ne] P (4s,4p)
K–Ca [Ne] P (5s,4p)
Sc–Zn [Ne] P (7s,6p,6d)
Ga–Kr [Ar] P (3s,3p,4d)
Rb–Sr [Ar]+3d D (5s,5p)
Y–Cd [Ar]+3d D (5s,5p,4d)
In–Xe [Kr] D (3s,3p,4d)
Cs–La [Kr]+4d D (5s,5p,4d)
Ce–Lu [Xe] D (6s,6p,6d,6f)
Hf–Hg [Kr]+4d+4f F (5s,5p,4d)
Tl–Rn [Xe]+4f F (3s,3p,4d)
Fr–Ra [Xe]+4f+5d F (5s,5p,4d)
Ac–Pu [Xe]+4f+5d F (5s,5p,4d,4f)
Am–Lr [Xe]+4f+5d F (0s,2p,6d,5f)
Table 8.14: Supported elements for the fit-CRENBL ECP.